The Menu still work in progress,

All Day Brekky (Till 14:30)

Eggs Tomato Toast       /8.9 (V)

+Bacon(2) /4

2 Eggs your way, served with ½grilled tomato and toasted Turkish with butter, house tomato relish

Bears Benedict               /11.9

+Bacon(2) /4 

+Garlic Mushrooms or Ham /3

+Smoked Salmon /5

Poached eggs(2) , baby spinach on Vienna sourdough topped with Hollandaise sauce


Avocado on Sourdough    /11.9 (V)

+Bacon(2) /4 

+Halloumi /3

+Smoked Salmon/5

Avocado on Vienna sourdough with poached egg,

feta on rocket salad with house brasil mayo

Breakfast Burger          /10

Bacon, fried egg, spinach, hash brown,  

garlic butter mushrooms and house tomato relish served on soft milky bun


Big Bear Breakfast         /18.9

Bacon(2), 2 eggs your way, ¼avocado, Sausages, garlic butter mushrooms,

½grilled tomato, baked beans, hash browns(2), toasted Turkish bread

Sweet & Salty              /11.9

French toast with cinnamon and vanilla flavor, bacon coated with honey,

house whipped cream and fresh fruit on side, icy sugar on top

+Honey bacon(1) /3


House Pancake             /11.9 (V)

3 house pancakes with house mixed berries compote, topped with house whipped cream,

vanilla ice cream, icy sugar and maple syrup on side



House Muesli Bowl           /10 (GF)

+Coconut yoghurt/ 2

Roasted nuts with natural muesli, yoghurt and mixed berries compote with honey dressing


Beary Good Omelette

 w/house tomato relish

Mushroom, Spinach & Feta       /13.9

Ham, Cheese & Tomato          /13.9

Smoked salmon, Avo, Onion & Feta /15.9


Vegetarian Breakfast        /14.9 (V)

2 eggs your way, ½avocado, baby spinach, garlic butter mushrooms,

roasted capsicum, hash browns(2), served with side salad and toasted Turkish bread  

+Halloumi /3

 Almond Pancakes            /14.9 (Vegan)

4 house almond pancakes, coconut ice cream, mixed berry compote

with fresh fruit androse fairy floss on top.


Sweet Potato Fritters         /13.9 (GF)

3 pieces of homemade fritters, 2 poached eggs, feta cheese on rocket salad and Dukkah with Greek style yoghurt

+Bacon(2) /4 

+Garlic Mushrooms /3

Toasted Wraps   add side chips - $3.5

Avocado Salad Wrap         /7.9

Avocado, mix lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrot, shredded cheese with Mayo

Bacon Eggs Wrap            /9.5

Bacon, 2 fried eggs, baby spinach, shredded cheese with BBQ sauce

Chicken Avocado Wrap       /9.

Boiled chicken breast, avocado, mix lettuce, tomato, onion, shredded cheese with Mayo/Aioli

Smoked Salmon Wrap        /10.9

Smoked salmon, mix lettuce, tomato, onion, shredded cheese with cream cheese and pesto                        


Toasted Sandwich  add side chips/side salad - $3.5

Toasties made traditionally on buttered

white bread/ multigrain bread/ sourdough/ gluten free, toasted with your favorite fillings.

Ham Cheese Tomato          /6

Bacon Egg & Cheese         /6.5

Chicken Cheese & Avocado/7

Lunch (10:00 till 14:30)


Grilled Halloumi Bruschetta     /13.9 (V)

2 poached eggs, grilled halloumi, fresh salsa, basil pesto on

toasted Vienna sourdough topped with melted parmesan cheese, side salad


Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta    /13.9 (V)

2 poached eggs, garlic butter mushrooms, fresh salsa,

basil pesto on toasted Vienna sourdough topped with melted parmesan cheese, side salad


B.L.A.T with chips            /10

Bacon, mix lettuce, avocado, sliced tomato with Caesar dressing on milky bun

American Cheese Burger       /11            with chips /12.5

Beef patty topped with American cheese and

caramelized onion, sliced tomato, mix lettuce, pickle, tomato sauce and mustard on milky bun

+ Bacon/2


Grilled Chicken Burger         /12            with chips /13.5

Seasoned & grilled chicken breast fillet, avocado, sliced tomato, cheese,

caramelized onion, mix lettuce, Aioli sauce on milky bun


Grilled Pumpkin Veggie Club   /12              with chips /13.5

Grilled pumpkin, sliced avocado, roasted capsicum, halloumi cheese, basil pesto on Texas slice bread


We use locally roasted Bear Bones Specialty coffee One-Eighty blend. A smooth + flavoursome combination from Colombia and Brazil. Tasting notes of nuts, sticky fruit + chocolate. 

We also have a rotational single origin on offer every week which can be used in any of our espresso based drinks. 


flat white | cappuccino | latte | long black [s] $3.7 [m] $4.4 [lg] $5*

espresso | macchiato | piccolo $3

chai latte | hot chocolate [s] $3.7 [m] $4.4 [lg] $5*

mocha | dirty chai [s] $4.2 [m] $4.9 [lg] $5.5*

lose leaf tea [cup] $3.5 [pot] $5


iced coffee | iced chocolate | iced chai [s] $5 [lg] $6

iced latte [s] $4.5 [lg] $5

iced long black [s] $3.5 [lg] $4.5

iced mocha [s] $5.5 [lg] $6.5

Beartown cold brew +h2O [s] $4.2 [lg] $4.7

Beartown cold brew + milk [s] $5.2 [lg] $5.7

Beartown lemonade | Iced tea | fresh orange juice $6

Banana + turmeric smoothie | Berry + Chia smoothie $7

Tropical Green smoothie (dairy free) $7.5


extra shot | soy | almond | zymil | syrups $0.5

macadamia milk $0.7

protein powder